Mohsen Sazegara popular in Niger?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I was watching another Mohsen Sazegara video today and decided to take a look at the statistics for his videos. Each video gets about 10,000 views, and unsurprisingly almost all of the traffic comes in during the first day, since these are daily updates and the more current the better. Here's one example from his videos. You can also see in which countries a video is especially popular, and when taking a look at that there was no surprise at first...there's Iran, there's the US, Northern and Western Europe...what the...and Niger? Take a look at this.

There's Niger just a bit to the west of the centre of the continent, the darkest spot there and one of only a few countries that has any shading at all. Even much more developed countries like Egypt, Tunisia and South Africa barely register.

Anybody have an explanation for this?


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