Latin course for 20 students in Hong Kong ends up with 75 applicants

Thursday, August 06, 2009

And not a free course either - this one costs $770 over 120 hours over one month. The course is being taught by a Catholic priest but those deciding to learn the language are from all walks of life.

After the month is over perhaps they will be able to add to the Latin Wikipedia page on Hong Kong (Hongcongum), which at present has a mere one sentence. The Wikipedia itself is doing quite well though, and has recently surpassed 30,000 articles.

The course also includes a focus on medieval Gregorian Chant.

Another article on the same subject but with pictures can be seen here. Part of the reason why there is so much interest in Latin is because many students believe it to be essential for a complete understanding of Western civilization. Some students have even travelled from Shanghai for the course.


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