Elizabeth May comes to her senses

Friday, August 07, 2009

Good to see. It looks like in the next election Elizabeth May (the leader of the Canadian Green Party) won't make the same silly attempt she made last time to wrest Central Nova away from Peter MacKay, the MP who has been representing the riding for a long time, a local from the area, and now the Minister of National Defense. Last election she failed to win the riding even though the Liberal candidate withdrew in order to avoid splitting the vote, resulting in a mere 32% of the vote for her.

A riding she is taking a close look at is Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, which is where she should have ran last time. There the Green candidate got 27% of the vote, compared to 48% for the Conservative candidate. Had the Green candidate been the leader of the party it certainly could have been a victory for them, and their first elected seat in the House of Commons (they had a defector for about a month before the last election but he lost in the next election).

After her strategic blunder in the last election I predicted that the Green Party had exhausted the patience of the electorate and wouldn't be able to achieve the same results they had in that election, but if the next election turns out to be a snoozefest as well and she decides to run in a riding like this one, they just might be able to pull something off.

On the other hand, she does seem to have become much more negative, partisan and unfocused than when she first became the leader. See this writeup on Harper's taking or not taking communion as an example. As I've written before, David Chernushenko would make the best leader for the party.


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