Canadian Conservatives begin openly talking about the benefits of a majority

Friday, August 21, 2009

See. The word majority has been taboo for them for a while as the Liberals were able to use their mentioning it in 2004 to scare voters away from voting for them during a time when Harper was more or less a complete unknown, but with three minority governments in a row now (one Liberal headed by Paul Martin, then two in a row by the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper) they are working on the assumption that Canadians are tired of minority governments, as well as that Canadians know Stephen Harper much better than before considering that he's been Prime Minister for almost three years now.

Vote intention is still about the same, with the Conservatives a tad ahead. The jump the Liberals got when Ignatieff was chosen as the leader has since vanished and Canadian politics is once again in the doldrums.

I think the Green Party has the most to fear (or should fear) from another election, as they have a certain amount of base support but probably still not enough to get a seat in the House, and other parties will probably be going after their supporters in the next election, especially the NDP, by making the pitch that a vote for the Greens is a wasted vote. Elizabeth May wasted a big chance last election to get a seat in the House and I have some pretty serious doubts about her political skills in light of completely off-topic posts like this. The next election will probably be their last chance to win some serious support from Canadians, if that opportunity hasn't already passed them by. Being at around 11% in a poll is quite good, but their support is soft and always drops when election day comes around and voters begin thinking strategically.


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