Mousavi's speech on 27 July (5 Mordad) after meeting with the Islamic Association for the Teachers of Iran

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mousavi made a really strong speech on the 27th of July (just over a day ago) that has been mentioned on his Facebook page here, along with an English translation of excerpts of the speech. Here's one of the best parts:

A video of the speech has just been released, and shows the view from one of the cameras placed on the side so Mousavi is always looking in the other direction, but nevertheless it's the full speech so that's good enough. Unfortunately for students of Persian, the full transcript doesn't seem to be available (let me know if you find it).

His reference to all the varied ways of protesting that people have come up with is similar to this article from Time which mentions a few. There is always another day of celebration or remembrance to be used for more protests, and even when not available it's easy enough to conduct flash protests that last for a few minutes, chant marg bar diktator or what have you, get nearby cars to start honking in support, and then disappear before security has the opportunity to show up.


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