Latin and Icelandic Wikipedias around 30,000 and 25,000 articles

Sunday, July 19, 2009

At the moment the Icelandic Wikipedia is at 25,287 articles. This may seem quite small but remember that the population is barely over 300,000. Norway has about 14 times the population of Iceland and a total of 270,000 articles or so (Bokmål + Nynorsk), and multiplying the size of the Icelandic Wikipedia by 14 gives 350,000, giving the Icelandic Wikipedia the largest number of articles per capita out of all the Scandinavian languages.

The Latin Wikipedia is also quite close to a new milestone, being at 29,682 articles right now. Latin is a bit of an auxlang right now, meaning that its users are about as interested in promoting it as in the language itself, and the Taberna shows a lot of discussion about the number of articles. They'll probably have a special Wiki.png graphic for when the 30,000 number is reached.

One other interesting note from the Taberna: there is a list of Wikipedias by sample of articles, which is an attempt to ascertain the overall quality of a Wikipedia instead of relying simply on article count. It turns out that at the moment Catalan is in third place after English and German, with a very low number of stubs and quite a few long articles.


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