Iran after the elections: 3 July - part 2

Friday, July 03, 2009

Hi - if you're here due to a Twitter update, check the bottom of the post.

Washington Independent has an interview here with Trita Parsi on what's next for the opposition and Iran itself. Though the official goal at the time remains a new election, since this last election has apparently been officially certified there really is no chance of that happening. I don't think this will necessarily mean "radical" methods (that is, violent methods), simply methods that involve going after the core of the system itself - not just the presidency but the position of the Supreme Leader itself and Iran's treatment towards its people. Another "radical" method may simply be leaving the country, making more money elsewhere and attempting to bring about change from without instead of within.

Here's a video that I haven't had the time to watch yet but it has been referenced on a few other sites so I'll include it here too. It's an hour-long discussion between Ellen Laipson (President & CEO of the Stimson Center) and Paul Salem (Director of the Carnegie Middle East Center).

The Los Angeles Times has an article here on Ahmadinejad's increased diplomatic isolation, which includes info on how two of Iran's state-owned television stations have now had their licenses removed in Jordan, and also that when Ahmadinejad visited Belarus he was met by the speaker of the upper house of parliament instead of the President.

Tehran Bureau has a great article here (nice and long too) on the widening divide between clerics in Iran.

Turkey's USAK/ISRO (International Strategic Research Organization) has put out a new report on the elections here in Turkish that I'm skimming over. It also includes the following map showing the location of protests thus far throughout the country. The report also has "official" voting results by province and some other tables that are pretty easy to figure out even for those that don't know Turkish.


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