Iran after the elections: 1 July

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A few hours ago BBC Persian's top story was a statement by Karroubi that he doesn't see Ahmadinejad's government as a legitimate one. This is definitely the correct approach, and Karroubi has been very forceful both during and after the election in making his opposition known. One thing to note about Karroubi is that technically he would be too old to run for election next time anyway (max is 75 yrs.) so future prospects don't really enter into the equation for him.

Ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak at the African Union where he has been, actually a few minutes ago this was cancelled. Lots of cancellations and delays happening for Ahmadi.

Niacblog has a bit here on why the Rafsanjani statement doesn't mean what many are taking it to mean (i.e. that it implied support for Khamenei as Supreme Leader).

There is an op-ed here on how Silicon Valley should step up and help Iranians to overcome the technological barriers that have been put up by their government. I see that it also references a point I've made for a while that it was a bit odd seeing Persian being ignored for so long while even languages like Estonian (don't get me wrong, I love Estonian and was even in Tallinn for a month but the language is spoken by barely over a million) had been included in Google's automatic translation service. The approach to adopt would be quite simple: 1) doing whatever can be done to provide proxy / anonymizer services, bandwidth, etc., and 2) expanding Persian language support wherever possible.

This article says that three oil officials with loose ties to Mousavi have been fired. The first comment there explains my thoughts on the issue quite well: "Purge away! You sow the seeds of your ultimate downfall".

TIME has an article today here on how the reform movement is showing resilience, and may have lost the first battle but is nowhere near going away.

Unrelated to anything current, but Ghalam News just released some old and previously unseen pictures of Mousavi.


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