CNN coverage on the Global day of action on Iran, 25 July 2009 (3 Mordad)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

There are a few videos online of CNN coverage of yesterday's worldwide protests, which actually got more coverage in the mainstream media than I had expected. Protests took place within Iran on the same day with a few thousand people, but by and large most of the action for that day took place outside the country with the following number of events per continent:

North America 46
South America 03
Europe 47
Arica 02
Asia 08
Australia 04
TOTAL: 110

Those numbers come from this video.

Another video from CNN can be seen below, and this features an interview with a reporter in London. I don't really agree with her though on her statement that Iranians have been afraid to take to the streets recently - it actually seems that there's quite a bit less fear than there was in the first few days after June 20th, it's just that people are coordinating the protests a bit better than before and are staying in small groups at night when no large event has been planned, and when there is an event planned they show up just as much as before. It seems to be more of a changing of tactics than anything based on fear. The second reporter notes that Germany is a major trading partner with Iran, so it has a lot of clout that most other countries simply don't have.

According to this article, Iran's main trading partners are UAE, Germany, and China.

Edit: here's a video of some of the protests within Iran on the 25th. They've received little attention but that's because most have gotten used to the idea of protests within Iran. Don't forget that the very idea of something like this happening was unthinkable just three or so months ago.


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