A space station with 13 people

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Space Shuttle Endeavour is to launch tomorrow and arrive at the International Space Station two days later, bringing the total population to 13 for the duration of the mission. I mentioned this a few times before but today space.com had an article on exactly what it will mean. The space station still has as much interior space as a jumbo jet (and the Shuttle being docked adds extra space) so it certainly won't be that crowded, just pleasantly full. It's an interesting read. No mention of the sleeping arrangements for all 13 though.

Oh, and remember to follow Mark Polansky on Twitter if you haven't yet. His followers have gone from 14,000 to 21,000+ over a few days but that's still quite small compared to the last astronaut (Mike Massimino). Luckily we can ask Mark all about what it's like having 13 people up there at the same time just by using Twitter.

Also don't forget to check whether there will be an ISS sighting while the Shuttle is docked as the station is extra bright with the extra surface area the Shuttle provides. They will also be adding a new module so it'll be a tiny bit bigger after the mission too. Here's mine for Seoul; you can find your country and city here.


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