Protests by Mousavi and Karroubi supporters against election results in Iran, and other post-election events

Saturday, June 13, 2009

(and maybe Rezaei supporters too)

Time to start a new, more focused thread on the subject. This will be updated as events warrant. Protests are happening in various parts of the country against the election results. One of the locations is Vanak Square (میدان ونک) in Tehran. It's located here.

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A video from there:

Another huge street protest here along the street Vali-ye-asr (خيابان وليعصر), which goes north and south and intersects the square in the video above.

MSNBC video on the protests. Protesters and police are fighting each other and the situation is quite bad.

BBC photos on the demonstrators.

Another demonstration on the street here.

Now Facebook and YouTube have been blocked. BBC Persian too. Petrol bombs are being thrown in the streets here.

Rafsanjani has resigned in protest (I think).

Black smoke rising over Tehran from burning tires, etc.

Interesting comment from the Obama administration, which notes their skepticism that Mousavi would lose the vote in his hometown or that Karroubi would receive less than 1% (Karroubi got 17% in the first round in 2005). Note how finely tuned their message is: no demonization of Iran as a whole, giving the opposition nothing to use (you can't fire up the troops with a comment as careful as "skeptical"), while giving the reformist side a few talking points to use as well.

Someone on Twitter says you can access Facebook from Iran using this address:

There's an unverified story here that officials from the Ministry of Interior called Mousavi to tell him he had won the election and asked him to write a victory speech, but withdrew this "information" later on without explanation.

It seems Ahmadinejad magically maintained a perfect ratio between his and Mousavi's votes throughout the counting.

A bus is on fire here.

There are also protests in Tabriz and Urmia. Mousavi is Azeri so he has a lot of support there.

More protests in Tehran.

Pieces of evidence on why the election was stolen

Now even telephone lines from Tehran to the rest of the country have been cut off. has the headline too (says "communication with Tehran and other cities cut off!")

It's past 3 am here in Korea so it's time for bed. More news tomorrow will probably be in a new post.


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