Iranian government representatives may be invited to this year's July 4th celebrations

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Big news. This is actually not much of a surprise though considering the character of the Obama administration, as though they seem to be waiting out the results of the election before announcing any broad initiatives on Iran (which makes a lot of sense), they have still been making small non-committal gestures along the way that hint at the way they will deal with Iran after June 12th. This provides the reformist camp more ammunition in making the argument that relations with the US can be improved, and yanks the carpet out from under Ahmadinejad, who we can be sure is probably cursing his bad luck at having to run for re-election this year instead of last.

This is on the front of the Huffington Post right now, so if you want to see the story along with a bazillion (mostly inane) comments, see here. The Huffington Post needs some sort of ratings system to give good commenters more priority.


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