Iran the day after the election

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Take a look at this link. Not the result I was anticipating. More discussion here.

A tweet from a few minutes ago:
Says: "I'm suspicious of these results. Looking forward to Mousavi's statement."

(I think)

Edit: (kind of like for Persians) has a poll right now. You can vote there too if you want as it doesn't require registration.

Here's the gist of what it says. Q: What do you make of the results of the election? A1 with 94%: Widespread and unprecedented (vote) rigging. A2 with 6%: Not so much rigging and Ahmadinejad is the winner of the election.

Edit 2: it's early afternoon here in Korea and I'm just not in the mood for a long post but luckily I found a post that is about 95% along the lines of what I've been thinking so take a look at that.

Edit 3: Mousavi is now a trending topic on Twitter.

Edit 4: Here's a video of Mousavi supporters on the streets of Tehran today at 4 pm.


Steve said...

And the worst link of all is here:

Anonymous said...

If you hear any more about the alleged Mousavi detention please let me know @alexlobov on Twitter or on my blog, I'm pretty shocked they've been this brazen. I feared Karroubi might be a target after the election but Mousavi? That's hefty.
And thanks for the link :)

Anonymous said...

oh that page is being updated! awesome! thanks for ur help...

The Unknower said...

And the worst link of all is here:

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