Iran after the elections: 23 June 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi - if you're here due to a Twitter update, check the bottom of the post.

I'll be updating this post throughout the day as events warrant.

First of all, a video from last night from Shiraz with protests done by turning on all the lights and honking the horn as much as possible. I noticed a few tweets mentioning turning on all the lights in the car yesterday but didn't mention it in yesterday's post as I wasn't sure what turning on the lights alone would do - add the horns to the mix though and now it makes sense. Here's the result.

No surprise here
- the Guardian Council has upheld the results of the election on the 12th; believes more than 100% of voters voting in over 50 cities and some 3 million votes out of place is good enough.

3:30 pm in Iran: Persiankiwi has just added a number of updates that have cleared up quite a bit. The strike for example seems to be going on but perhaps not 100% (tweets in Persian also say the same thing), Rafsanjani is continuing to work behind the scenes, walls say "death to the dictator" everywhere, and more.

Some more news of bannings today: prayers for Neda, and the soccer/football players who sported green. Just two more sources of resentment that will do nothing but fester with time.

I mentioned yesterday that some articles in Turkish had mentioned that increased pressure from the government would result in a revolt in the Kurdistan region in the northwest, and it turns out that that's where the general strike is the strongest (link is in Persian), with some 40% of shops (I think) closed down today.

Today's Daily Show episode just came out and it looks like they've finally been able to edit Jason Jones' trip to Tehran in order to fit in with the events after the election. As they said, it was originally supposed to be a bit of comedy where he visits Iran and makes fun of American impressions towards the country, but then it turned out that three of the people he spoke to were arrested afterwards and nobody knows exactly what even the near future will hold there, so it became a bit of a juxtaposition between comedy and extreme seriousness.

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Great video here of Joe Scarborough on why McCain is wrong about wanting Obama to be "tougher", as if somehow a tough-looking president would give strength to the protesters and cause Khamenei to begin shaking in his boots.

Mainstream media analysis has also been getting progressively better and better as the days have gone by, with two good articles here, here and here from the New York Times.


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