Hunt for Gollum viewed at least a million times over the first week

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Hunt for Gollum was viewed over a million times in the first week on Dailymotion alone, the site that was given exclusivity for the first while to broadcast the movie. During the first day though the movie's site was overwhelmed with the number of visitors and playing of the movie was a bit sporadic so you saw torrent links pop up everywhere as people desperately looked for other ways to view the movie, so it was definitely viewed by more than those who just visited Dailymotion.

That links says that Dailymotion receives 59 million visitors a month, which translates to about 14 million visitors a week, meaning that the Hunt for Gollum alone increased their traffic by 7% over the week it was released.

As for the interest in the film now a month after its release, it has naturally dropped off from the day of release but you can see that there's still a fair amount of steady interest in the film.

And in fact, there's another good search term that gives an idea of how much search engine traffic there is at the moment for the film: the island nation of Vanuatu. Over the past two weeks the two terms have had about the same amount of traffic.


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