Keep your ticket stubs after you watch Terminator: Salvatian

Thursday, May 21, 2009

...then send them to Fox. That's the idea behind this campaign to either get the cancellation of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles reversed (doubtful), or perhaps convince the Sci Fi Channel to air the show in Fox's place (probably the only real possibility).

I wrote a fairly detailed piece last month on why there needs to be a season 3 and why it's a risk for Fox to cancel a show with such a strong brand name, including comparisons to other fairly strong brand names and their popularity compared with Terminator. Here is Terminator vs. Wolverine, just a bit before the new Wolverine movie came out.

Terminator vs. Wolverine
So what does it look like now?

Terminator has just started to leap ahead after Wolverine's time on top due to the new movie. As the first chart shows, Terminator is almost always a tad more popular than Wolverine as a search term, and there's naturally a spike when a new movie comes out.

I'm very unimpressed with their "hey, we gave it two seasons" statement. If Star Trek: The Next Generation had been cancelled after two seasons it would only have been remembered as that awkward attempt at creating a second Star Trek, and almost nobody would have remembered it. No Borg, no Data character growth, no Picard getting tortured by the Cardassians, no Yesterday's Enterprise, no Time's Arrow...and probably not enough sustained interest for Star Trek itself meaning no new Star Trek movie this year either.


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