The Hunt for Gollum now translated into Sambahsa

Saturday, May 09, 2009

This translation into Sambahsa was actually completed two days ago (making Sambahsa the first IAL to have translated the movie) so I'm a bit late with the post announcing its completion. Apparently there were some technical problems with getting the subtitles added and the people from Hunt for Gollum didn't respond to queries (they're understandably busy at the moment) so it ended up being uploaded in sixteen parts. I'll have to take a look at trying to find a better way to get the subtitles done (I'm thinking splitting it into four instead and adding the subtitles in the same way I did the ones for some of Barack Obama's weekly addresses in Occidental). There's also a bit of an annoying banner on the bottom letting us know that the software used to create the videos was freeware, but nevertheless in serving the purpose it was made for (promoting the language and helping prospective students to learn it) it serves its purpose.

To make the viewing of all sixteen at least a bit more convenient, I've included them all below. Much better than opening up a new window or tab for each one.

Another good idea for later would be creating a single document with the dialogue in both English and Sambahsa and some grammatical notes for the student.

Oin (one):

Dwo (two):

Tri (three):

Quar (four):

Penk (five):


Sept (seven):

Oct (eight):

Nev (nine):

Dec (ten):

Oindem (eleven):

Dwodem (twelve):

Tridem (thirteen):

Quardem (fourteen):

Penkdem (fifteen):

Sixdem (sixteen):


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