Chevrolet Volt and Bob Lutz make appearance on David Letterman

Sunday, May 24, 2009

You may recall that Elon Musk was on David Letterman about two or so weeks ago to promote Tesla's new model, and Letterman made a comment at the time about the Chevrolet Volt's range of 40 miles (65 km), thinking that this was the total range of the vehicle, when really the range of the car is 65 km first on electricity alone, after which it uses gas to keep the battery recharged, giving it a total range of 650 km or so in total on a tank of gas, which can naturally be recharged. It's quite an exciting car because the electricity-only range is certainly enough for a daily commute without using a single drop of gas, but the car is still able to be used for long distances so you don't have to worry about using it on long road trips either. So to correct the negative impression given before, he had GM's chairman Bob Lutz on the program (who is a native German speaker by the way, never knew that) and you can see the videos right below.

David Letterman made the same lame getting shocked by the steering wheel joke as last time, but besides that no problems and it's nice to see a company like GM turn out a car to be excited about again.


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