Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking German / Schwarzenegger wenn er deutsch spricht

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's not very often you can find Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking his native German, as not only has he lived in the US for a long time, but he also governs a state there and thus rarely takes questions in German from the press. For fans or students of German though each video of him talking in German is pretty interesting, since it's always a bit of a trip to see the person you've only seen speaking English before suddenly chatting away in a completely different language, and to realize that oh yeah, that's the language he grew up speaking. Here are a few videos of him speaking German that I've found. Let me know where others can be found and I'll add them here.

A collection of interviews from the 80s (and maybe early 90s):

On a show in 1989 in Austria showing off his muscles:

As governor (only 24 seconds):

This one has the same interview in the first video but with subtitles, so even better. Arnold starts 20 seconds in.

Eight-minute documentary about his bodybuilding career with him speaking:


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