What it looks and feels like to drive the Norwegian Think city electric car

Thursday, April 02, 2009

On the same note as the post just below (on China's planned investment in electric vehicles) I've found a few great videos on YouTube that show exactly what it feels like to drive in the Norwegian-made Think (okay, Th!nk) city car. This car is already on sale in Norway, the Austrian government today has just given the company a huge boost by investing in 100 Think city vehicles, and the company is consulting with several states in the US (it's considering Michigan among seven others) about building the car there too.

Now for the videos. First these four that were just uploaded an hour or two ago. They're in Dutch, and show what the car looks like from the outside as well as what it feels like to be inside it.

And finally in English from three weeks ago: an introduction to the vehicle from Ann Arbor Michigan, where the company seems to have set up a temporary office to check out the possibilities of making the car in the US.


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