Two Japanese girls in their 20s come to Seoul for obvious troll

Friday, April 24, 2009

This is hilarious:

This was on the news here in Korea today. For some reason two girls in their 20s decided to come to Korea in order to wave the old Japanese flag (technically the flag of the Imperial Japanese Army) with the word kamikaze -- 神風 -- written on it. This article in Japanese and this one in Korean say that they did it because they wanted to show the Japanese spirit and because Korea had marketed t-shirts with their former MLB baseball player Bong Jung-Geun (no, it doesn't make sense to me either).

The article writes that they wrote after the event: "We were warned that we would get killed if we did something like this in Seoul but luckily the Koreans on the street didn't care about what we did" and "We walked around with the rising sun flag through the centre of Seoul and showed the greatness of Ichiro and the power of Japan."

The reaction by the people on the street? Nothing. In spite of what too much time on the internet might make you think, in general Japanese and Korean people like each other quite a bit. Here's another example of some cross-border trolling from last year.


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