Turkish message on the Voyager probes

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Voyager 1 uzay aracı NASA tarafından fırlatıldığı 5 Eylül 1977' den bu yana hizmet vermeye devam eden 815 kiloluk bir insansız, dış Güneş Sistemi ve ötesi uzay sondasıdır.

The Voyager probes still get in the news once in a while as they enter the heliosheath and eventually enter the heliopause, and in conjunction with that an article here makes note of the fact that Turkish is one of the 55 languages that the Voyager probes contain, and gives a link to NASA's site here where you can hear the message.

Written out it looks like this: Sayın Türkçe bilen arkadaşlarımız, sabah şerifleriniz hayırlı olsun, and NASA's translation is Dear Turkish-speaking friends, may the honors of the morning be upon your heads.


sayın - dear
Türkçe - Turkish
bilen - knowing, one that knows. From bilmek (to know) + en.
arkadaşlarımız - our friends. arkadaş (friend) + lar (plural)+ ımız (our)
sabah - morning
şerifleriniz- your honours. şerif (honour, şeref is the usual word for honour though) + ler (plural) + iniz (your)
hayırlı - beneficial
olsun - let it be(come). Olmak - to become.

But! Some Turks hate the message, especially in comparison with a lot of the other messages in other languages. The only comment in the first link also says that the message could have been better.


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