Town of Drayton Valley in Alberta showcases solar power generation

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Drayton Valley is a tiny town in Alberta located northwest of Calgary, and actually not too far from Markerville, the centre of Icelandic culture in Alberta. It turns out they're pretty big on solar power and have installed panels on a daycare just recently:

Drayton Valley has taken another step toward the greening of the community with the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Town-owned daycare, the Early Child Development Centre...The daycare was selected for the project as it was a new building and the roof was suitable for capturing as much sunshine as possible. Hamdon said the fact that the building housed an educational institution also made it seem like an appropriate choice.

Drayton Valley is one of about 20 municipalities across the province to showcase grid-connected solar electric systems. It’s seen as a way to educate the public, along with landlords, inspectors and trades people, about alternative technology and help support the long-term viability of renewable energy in Alberta.

You can monitor the solar power generated in the town on this page from their site. At the moment it's generating 0 kWh...because it's just past midnight in Calgary (I'm writing this from Korea where it's afternoon now). But it does have some information on the power generated over the last seven days, which is:
43.9 kWh
which avoids creating this much CO2:
CO2 44 kg
and is equivalent to:
The energy to operate a TV for 306 hours.
The pollution an average passenger car emits over 2 days.
It's still early April where the weather is still fairly chilly in Alberta, with highs around 10 and lows of 0 or so. It'll be interesting to see what sort of electricity is generated about a month or two from now.


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