One thousand protesters gather in Stockholm to protest Pirate Bay verdict

Monday, April 20, 2009

From an article here in Norwegian complete with a photo of a big pirate flag fluttering in the breeze. I prefer this part of the photo below though:

Some parts of the article translated into English:

Around a thousand people gathered today in Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm to demonstrate against the Pirate Bay ruling, where Carl Lundstrøm, Fredrik Neij, Gottfris Svartholm Warg and Peter Sunde were given a year in jail.

One other banner along with the Epic Winning lol one was "Vill ni ha det som i Sovjet?" (do you want things like in the USSR?)

Quote from author Unni Drougge at the demo: "I have taken part in file sharing for a long time. I have many children that are musicians, and know that they would not have been able to live off their music if it hadn't been for downloading."

Other demonstrations: 200 gathered in Stortorget (another part of Stockholm), with smaller numbers in places like Karlstad and Göteborg.

You can also see a list of blog responses to this article here (and then use Google to automatically translate the article as Norwegian-English is usually fairly accurate), mostly in favour of the Pirate Bay and the Pirate Party, but not all, like this one for example:

"Tyveri er tyveri uansett hva man kaller det <-- Thievery is thievery regardless what one calls it.

Top comment below the article:

Med dette graver musikkindustrien sin egen grav. <-- With this the music industry digs its own grave.

Gratulerer til alle store artister, hvordan skal de små komme frem til overflaten nå???
<-- Congratulations to all big artists, now how will the smaller ones make their way to the surface (get noticed) now?

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Some more blog responses:

  • This one writes about the possibility of having a demonstration in neighboring Norway as well and setting up a Pirate Party there too.
  • Here's one written in English praising the demonstration.
  • The "Vill ni ha det som i Sovjet" picture mentioned above can be seen here.


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