Launch of Steve Eves' 1/10 scale model Saturn V

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The launch was a success, and this rocket now has a place in the record books as the largest model / hobby rocket ever launched. Though technically a model this rocket was still some 11 metres or so in height, which is fully half the height of SpaceX's smallest rocket, the Falcon 1. Just to get an idea of how big this rocket is, see here.

The flight itself, however, was quite short, and apparently Steve Eves intends to retire the rocket. I'm a bit puzzled at spending this much time to build a rocket only to fly it once, but it's still a good thing that the flight happened as the more space and rocketry is seen to be the domain of individuals as well as governments the better.

And now, the video:

Not only was the flight perfect but so was the landing.


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