Barack Obama to begin visit to Turkey on Sunday, Turkish bank (Garanti Bankası) using his likeness in advertisements

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Washington Post has an article here today on Barack Obama's upcoming 2-day visit to Turkey, and I plan to keep an eye on the Turkish press to see if there's anything worth noting written in Turkish but not English. The article also has a photograph (direct link here) showing a bank advertisement from Garanti Bankası using his likeness, because Barack Obama brings about an image of trust.

Curious what it says? Here's a closeup.

I don't know English banking terms very well so there might be a better way to express the Turkish here (i.e. the translation might be a bit literal)

%1,19 faizli destek kredisi <-- support credit at 1.19% interest

Turkiye'nin en kapsamlı işsizlik sigortası kredi kullananlara marketlerde 3 kat bonus
<-- 3 times the bonus on the market for those using Turkey's most comprehensive unemployment insurance credit

Garanti'nin dünyayı kıskandıracak ekonomik canlandırma paketi'nde <-- In Garanti's economic vitalization package that will make the world jealous

They also have a similar ad right on the front of their site:

Ekonomik Canlandırma Paketi'ni Garanti açıkladı! <-- Garanta has announced its economic vitalization package!

%0.98 faizli destek kredisi <-- support credit at 0.98% interest (looks like they've brought the rate down)

Türkiye'nin en kapsamlı işsizlik sigortası <-- Turkey's most comprehensive unemployment insurance

Bonus Card'ınızla yapacağınız market alışverişlerinde 3 kat bonus <-- three times the market trading bonus when you use your Bonus Card


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