Video taken by Japanese office worker from building rooftop of the ISS, Venus and Jupiter

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I just stumbled across a really cool video, one made last November (but put up this month) by a Japanese guy that went up to his company's rooftop to get a video of the ISS passing by. At the same time though someone else from the building that he didn't know came out for a cigarette and was looking at the guy on the rooftop with the video camera a bit weird, so he had no choice but to tell him what he was taking a video of, and they end up talking about it a bit. The first minute or so of the video is just him alone with some music he added later on. Thus far only 26 people have viewed the video.

The conversation is in Japanese so I translated it and put it below. I'll embed the video here, but if you want to follow along with the conversation it's probably better to open the video up in its own window so that you can follow along without having to scroll down within this post.

And the English translation:

Nov. 21 2008 (Fri), somewhere in Odawara, southwest part of the sky

0:10 Venus
0:13 Jupiter
0:34 The ISS is moving slowly upward...
0:45 Venus is separating from Jupiter to go on its journey alone...
0:55 It gets even brighter as it moves towards the top of the sky...
1:11 A person who has come to the roof of the building to have a smoke appears. I'm being looked at suspiciously so I have no choice...
1:12 "That's the International Space Station."
1:15 Really? ...Really.
1:20 Wow...
1:24 I knew it could be seen now so I brought the camera.
1:28 No idea.
1:30 Yeah, you have to know about it to see.
1:33 You can't tell by yourself I guess.
1:35 Well, if you know the orbit...
1:38 So it's that thing on the lower left?
1:40 That bright thing you can see over here right now.
1:43 The brightest one? - That's right. That one.
1:49 It's moving pretty fast, isn't it? - Yeah, it's moving.
1:50 In five minutes you won't be able to see it anymore.
1:57 There are people inside there right now.
2:01 How far away is it from us? - About 400 km.
2:08 So about from Nagoya to Tokyo? (Door opens and coworker appears)
2:11 You're just in time! There it is.
2:13 It's gotten a fair bit darker.
2:15 Where is it? - Um, there.
2:17 There. It's moving down a bit.
2:19 It's, well, gotten pretty dark.
2:21 Quite a bit. -- Oh, that? -- That thing moving a bit. Yeah, yeah.
2:24 Yeah. Oh, you can't see it anymore.
2:26 I can see it a bit. -- No, that's a star.
2:30 What? It's gone? -- Yeah...
2:31 No, it's sparkling a bit. -- Is it?
2:34 Yeah, it's kind of sparkling.
2:35 Oh, is it?
2:38 Yeah.


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