The Ride of a Lifetime: nice amateur documentary about space

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few days ago a user on YouTube uploaded a video called The Ride of a Lifetime, that you can see here:

It's obviously an amateur documentary, but it's a very nice effort IMO and I always applaud efforts like this to get people thinking about their exact place in the Solar System and the universe. It does get a bit off-topic in the middle when it gets onto the subject of religion (just take a look at Father George Coyne's interviews for why it's not possible to generalize about religion to that extent) but it's still worth watching.

I wonder if he takes requests. It would be nice to see a video made up that shows how much easier Ceres is as a destination than Mars, considering the more frequent launch windows and lower gravity (lower gravity = less rocket fuel needed for the trip back). I think I'll send him a message about that.


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