Mobile phone software allows you to download the entire text of Wikipedia for offline browsing

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I like this:

Would you pay $10 for an entire offline copy of Wikipedia, the crowdsourced encyclopedia of information that you can get on the Web for free? WikiPock, a Paris-based startup, has compressed the entire English language version of Wikipedia to under 4 gigabytes (not including images), and is selling it for mobile phones. The other language versions are smaller (it also comes in German, French, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish).
$10 is extremely cheap, so yes I would pay for that. It's true that Wikipedia is free anyway, but there are certain advantages to having it available offline, namely:

1) When you're on the subway or for some other reason the connection is down, and
2) Searching is instantaneous.

The second reason is probably more important than the first. Doing a search on Wikipedia still requires placing a search request and waiting for their server to send back the results, whereas instantaneous searching is...well, instantaneous.

And at least WikiPock is giving back to the Wikipedia community. Ten percent of all sales will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation.
Sounds good to me. Here's their site.

One thing though: I would like to see more language versions, perhaps any with at least 100,000 articles and 2 million edits. Considering that this company is located in Europe and the EU alone has some 4.5 million or so Turks (as one example), there's probably a much larger market they could be accessing if they just expand to a few more languages.


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