Kutiman - the DJ Shadow of YouTube

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remember DJ Shadow's Endtroducing? Apparently it was the first album ever produced by mixing samples of other music alone. You can see one of his songs here (embedding has been disabled for this video) to get an idea of what that album sounds like.

Last week or so a guy on YouTube called Kutiman released a few songs created entirely from YouTube clips, and they're incredible. The process itself is not all that complicated, but it requires a lot of patience and a very fine musical instinct that most people don't have.

He doesn't call himself the "DJ Shadow of YouTube" of course; that's just probably the best way to describe his music in as few words as possible.

Here are three of his songs (he put out eight last week for this project)

I'm glad to see that he's already gotten so much attention for this project. After a single week one of the videos already has over half a million hits, the song in the middle there has 250,000+, and even the lowest has over 24,000. Pure creativity like this you get to see every once in a while just makes humanity itself that much cooler.

Apocalyptica from Finland is another example of this. A world where you have heavy metal played with cellos is that much better than a world without it.


Sean LeClair said...

This has to do with philosopher Michel Foucault: http://kutimanmultiplex.blogspot.com/

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