Some pages on Nordic mythology more detailed in Spanish Wikipedia than in English

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ilustración de 1886 de Odín por Georg von Rosen.

One interesting thing about the Spanish Wikipedia is that it has an especially large amount of detail regarding a lot of things Nordic - Nordic mythology, Odin, Thor, etc. Because it's still a smaller Wikipedia than the one in English there are still a large number of articles on the subject that don't compare with the English one in size or quality, but some of the ones that have been given a fair amount of work are detailed indeed. Three examples:
There seem to be at least three users that are responsible for this: Matrodes, Gizmo II, and Kazahana. Kazahana also has his own page here on Nordic Mythology aside from Wikipedia.

There doesn't seem to be a section within the Spanish Wikipedia devoted to categorizing these articles (a portal), just this one on Mythology in general, so it would require looking over each and every article to determine just how detailed their Wikipedia is overall compared to the one in English. Any frequent users on the Spanish Wikipedia that know more about the subject? Is there a group of users there devoted to writing one featured article after another on each and every part of Nordic Mythology?

The page on Odin shows just how much more concise Old Norse can be compared to Spanish, such as this section (there's much more of this to see on the page itself so be sure to check that out too):

Old Norse

Þat kann ek it ellifta:
ef ek skal til orrostu
leiða langvini,
und randir ek gel,
en þeir með ríki fara
heilir hildar til,
heilir hildi frá,
koma þeir heilir hvaðan.

El undécimo sé:
si debo en la batalla
conducir a los míos
Canto un conjuro tras los escudos
y así avanzamos victoriosos
entramos salvos a la batalla,
salimos salvos de ella,
y regresamos sanos de la contienda.


Anonymous said...

The above talks about the "glory" or more specific, how the high father felt peaceful in victorious battle. I don't know that old norse is more concise than modern spanish based on the above entry, but that is just me.
I do love this blog and its focus on languages. It seems to be most informative. Well done.
I found more norse and greek mythology legends for those that don't alreay have them.
Keep up the good work,
-Adam G

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