I want subtitles in TRT 6 (TRT Şeş) too / Ben de TRT Şeş'te Türkçe altyazı istiyorum

Friday, February 13, 2009

TRT 6 is TRT's television channel broadcast in a number of languages, including Kurdish. I've never seen the channel before but apparently it's broadcast in the language alone, without Turkish subtitles, and there's a post here asking for subtitles in Turkish. Actually there should be subtitles available in the language itself anyway (some people are hard of hearing), but subtitles in Turkish would be a good idea too. One might ask "well, why should we subtitle our language in Turkish when broadcasts in Turkish aren't subtitled in Kurdish as well?" but in my opinion the benefits outweigh this, because Turkish subtitles will enable the broadcasts to be understood by just about everyone in the country, as well as people in a huge number of other areas from Germany to Bulgaria to Gagauzia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and so on. Subtitling broadcasts in Turkish will also enable Turks interested in learning Kurdish to learn the language that much easier.

I'd also like to see more subtitling by default and less dubbing throughout the world. Often even nothing whatsoever would be preferable. Nothing's worse than watching a broadcast on CTV and having the interpreter come in as soon as a politician says anything in French (often just repeating the same thing they just said or will say in English). In a country with a fair amount of bilingual speakers I just know there are a few million others that agree with me. The less dubbing we have of the language the more people will be encouraged to learn French.


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