Blog post in Interlingua on the city of Tallinn during the time of Edgar de Wahl

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Here's a post from a blog in Interlingua that pertains to three IALs at one time, in that:

1) It's written in Interlingua;
2) It's about the city of Tallinn when Edgar de Wahl (the inventor of Occidental) was alive;
3) Tallinn is the site of the next renkontro (annual meeting) for the language Ido.

Personas qui ha visitate Tallinn, tosto recognosce le citate: Le silhouette characteristic del Vanalinn, le citate vetule con su turres e le collina del cathedral, non ha cambiate radicalmente durante le ultime cent annos. Ancora hodie le lineas in le fronte del photo es usate per le trams. A dextere on probabilemente vide le prime Station Baltic (Balti Jaam), construite in 1870.
Hm, was that the same bus station that I got dropped off at on a cold day in 1998 after a 2-day trip to Saaremaa when it would have been just as easy to drop me off at the house I was staying at instead? If so then I don't like that station.

And the part about Edgar de Wahl:
Isto es le citate de Edgar de Wahl! Le creator de Occidental-Interlingue habitava Tallinn (o Reval) durante le major parte de su vita. Ille nasceva in 1867 e moriva in 1948.


Barcodex said...

Balti Jaam looks a bit different 10 years later. it has two new hotels nearby, and shopping center looks better, but there are even fewer trains. Railway is in the fast decline in this country :(

Anonymous said...

Balti Jaam is no bus station, it's railway station. The bus station you speak of is really weird place, Balti Jaam is somewhat different.

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