Illinois House of Representatives votes to impeach state governor Rod Blagojevich / Dom de Representantes de Illinois vota a denunciar li guvernator

Monday, January 12, 2009

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English Occidental
The Illinois House of Representatives voted to impeach state governor Rod Blagojevich in a near-unanimous 114-to-1 vote with three representatives not voting. Li Dom de Representantes de Illinois votat a denunciar li guvernator del state Rod Blagojevich in un vote presc unanim con 114 contra 1, con non-votation de tri representantes.
Blagojevich is facing charges of attempting to sell the state's opening for United States Senator when president-elect Barack Obama takes office on January 20. The vote will now move to the Illinois State Senate, where a two-thirds majority will be needed to officially remove Blagojevich from the position of Governor of Illinois. Li acusationes contra Blagojevich es que il provat vendir li apertion del Senator del Unit States por li state quande presidante-electet Barack Obama va esser inaugurat ye 20 januar. Nu li vote va mover se al Senat Statal de Illinois, u on va besonar un majoritá de du triesimes por oficialmen remover Blagojevich de su position quam Guvernator de Illinois.
Blagojevich was arrested on December 9 on suspicion of corruption charges, and was recommended for impeachment after an investigation from the United States House of Representatives.
Blagojevich esset arestat 9 decembre pro acusationes de corruption, e poy evenit un recomandation por denunciation pos un investigation del Dom de Representantes del States Unit.
The report that recommended his impeachment heavily criticized Blagojevich's actions. It stated that "the governor repeatedly demonstrated that his decision to appoint a senator would not be based on merits of the candidate or on public policy, but rather on how that appointment could benefit him personally. It added "The governor directed various individuals to conduct inquiries on his behalf to negotiate deals for the Senate appointment, affirmatively setting into action a plot to trade the Senate appointment for something of value to the governor." Li raporte quel recomandat su denunciation criticat fortmen li actiones de Blagojevich. It assertet que "tre mult vezes li guvernator demonstrat que su decision a nominar un senator ne vell esser pro li merites del candidate o planes political, ma por qual beneficie personal li nomination vell dar a le. It adjuntet que "Li guvernator directet que varie individues fa investigationes por se self por negotiar negocies por li nomination senatal, creante un ver complot por comerciar li nomination senatal por un cose con valore al guvernator."
Jack D. Franks, a Democratic representative also on the committee, also spoke, saying that "it’s our duty to clean up this mess and stop the freak show that has become government in Illinois. I believe we’re finally doing what we should have done a long time ago."
Jack D. Franks, un representante Democratic anc in li comité, dit que "nor responsibilitá es far pur ci sordidage, e cessar ti circo de dementie quel nu ha devenit guvernament in Illinois. Yo crede que finalmen noi fa quo noi devet far ante long témpore."


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