Galileo Galilei ne esset li unesim person qui dessinat cartes del lune / Galileo wasn't the first person to draw maps of the Moon

Thursday, January 15, 2009

De ci págine: "Thomas Harriot's map of the whole Moon, made after looking through an early telescope. This image accurately depicts many lunar features including the principal Maria (lunar 'seas' - actually lava-filled basins) and craters. Labelled features include Mare Crisium ('18') on the right hand side and the craters Copernicus ('b') and Kepler ('c') in the upper left of the disk. Credit: © Lord Egremont"

Un interessant articul es trovat ci che pri li unesim person qui dessinat cartes geografic del lune, mem ante Galileo. Su nómine esset Thomas Harriot, e il es de Angleterre.

Quo es li diferentie inter li du, e pro quo il ne esset famosi benque chascun conosse Galileo? Li cause es tre interessant:
Despite his innovative work, Harriot remains relatively unknown. Unlike Galileo, he did not publish his drawings. Unlike Galileo, Harriot is not being widely celebrated during 2009, dubbed the International Year of Astronomy as a commemoration of the telescope's 400th year.

Chapman attributes this to his comfortable position as a "well-maintained philosopher to a great and wealthy nobleman" with a generous salary, said to be "several times the level of the Warden of Wadham College, Oxford." Harriot had comfortable housing and a specially provided observing chamber on top of Sion House, all of which contrasted with Galileo's financial pressures.

Galileo, interestingly, was unable to buy a telescope. So he figured out the optics of it and built his own. He also examined the moon, and then found that the Milky Way was composed of individual stars. Galileo also discovered four moons around Jupiter and spent much time observing and drawing sunspots.
It es interessant que in mult casus li person plu povri labora plu fort pro to, e in fine deveni plu famosi. Tre mult bandes de musica comensa talmen; on posse leer pri li historie de The Beatles, e qualmen ili laborat durante sett annus ante que ili atinget su successe.

Si The Beatles hat esset tre rich, esque ili vermen vell ha vadet a Hamburg por far performanties in micri clubs? Yo pensa que no - si su vive es moll e agreabil, it ne es tan facil comensar un labor tan dur.

Ma li Buddha es un bon exemple de lu contrari: un mann rich qui decidet comensar un tot diferent vive.

In quelcunc casu, rich o ne, li astronom Thomas Harriot anc es un astronom important. Ne oblivia li nómine!


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