Newspaper article on Latin from Franklin Park, Illinois newspaper

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Latin Wikipedia info on Illinois is out of date! "Praesides duo ex Illinoesia sunt: in Illinoesia Abraham Lincoln vixit, atque Ronaldus Reagan natus est."

Illinois residents probably have other things on their mind today but I keep an eye out for these small articles: an article on Latin classes in a local newspaper in a small city called Franklin Park in Illinois (although the school mentioned is from Northlake).

Contentwise it's nothing out of the ordinary: Latin is interesting, good for English etymology, good for preparing to learn other languages.
"Medicus," he says to two-dozen students in school uniforms. "What do you think that means?"

This year, Campbell began teaching Latin to seventh and eighth-grade students at St. John Vianney School in Northlake. While Latin remains the official language of the Roman Catholic Church, the school is more interested in how knowing Latin will assist its students in their understanding of other languages.

"It will help them study one of the popular languages such as French, Italian or Spanish," Campbell said. "It's good for the English language as well. Many of our words are derived from the Latin language."


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