Azerbaijan consulate in Turkish city of Kars moves to new building, EU deepening relations with countries around the Black Sea, etc.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Kars Kalesi'nden şehrin genel görünümü. Solda Kümbet Camii, sağda Kars Çayı. <-- Overview of Kars from Kars Castle. On the left is Kümbet Mosque / Havariler Church (kept on changing back and forth and then into a museum as well), on the right is Kars Creek.

Here's some news from today related to Azerbaijan and some countries nearby:
  • Azerbaijan's consulate in the Turkish city of Kars has moved to a new building and the opening ceremony was held today (4 December). The Consulate General's name is Hasan Sultanoğlu, and you can see a small article here in the Economist where he appears.
  • On 2 December a work forum was held between Turkey and Azerbaijan in Baku with 84 representatives from Turkey and 250 from Azerbaijan. Other forums have been held before in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.
  • 1 December: if you ever wondered what the exact Turkish term for a special relationship between countries is (like between the UK and the US for example), it's müstesna. See: Resmi temaslar için Bakü'de bulunan Dışişleri Bakanı Ali Babacan, Türkiye ile Azerbaycan arasındaki ilişkileri "müstesna" olarak tanımladı. (Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, who was in Baku for official meetings, called/defined relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan "exceptional".)
  • 4 December: Europe starts turning toward the Black Sea: the EU is sending more funds towards the area, setting aside for 2007-2010 92 million euro for Azerbaijan, 98.4 million for Armenia, 120.4 million for Georgia aside from the new aid given after the war, 209.7 million euro for Moldova, and 494 million euro for Ukraine in order to deepen relations with the countries.


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