Literature in Interlingua increasing a great deal / Litteratura in interlingua cresce multo

Thursday, November 27, 2008 has an announcement today about the growing body of literature in Interlingua, with the following photo as well:

That's about enough to impress some people that wouldn't be otherwise swayed by things such as online presence, Wikipedia article counts and the rest. It's especially important that Interlingua is starting to really make use of the publishing service Here's part of the press release (about half) with my translation below:

Non solmente le Servicio de Libros UMI pote livrar un large collection de libros in interlingua. Recentemente ha publicate multe nove libros in interlingua, e un bibliotheca electronic con e-libros gratuite es sub construction in pro diffunder interlingua in tote le mundo.
Now it isn't just the Servicio de Libros (book service) of the UMI that is capable of delivering a large collection of books in Interlingua. Recently has published many new books in Interlingua, and an electronic library with free e-books is under construction at to spread Interlingua throughout the world.
Numerose libros in interlingua ha recentemente essite publicate assi augmentante le litteratura in interlingua, e nove titulos es in via - sur papiro e electronicamente.
Numerous books in Interlingua have recently been published which augment literature in Interlingua, and new titles are on the way - on paper and electronically.

Un serie de nove libros ha essite publicate per, un servicio de publication trovate in Internet. non es un concurrente al Servicio de Libros ma supplementa le litteratura in interlingua. offere a autores publicar libros in parve quantitates, assi que le costos initial de publicar los non es si grande. Isto ha le avantage que on pote sempre actualisar le contento del libro, si on lo desira.
A serious of new books have been published through, a publication service found on the Internet. is not a rival of the Servicio de Libros but rather supplements literature in Interlingua. offers publishing in small quantities to authors, as the initial costs of publishing them are not that large. This has the advantage in that one can always renew the content of the book, if one desires.


Le UMI developpa un bibliotheca electronic in interlingua con e-libros gratuite in interlingua. Illos pote esser discargate e legite sur le schermo (o imprimite sur papiro) al adresse Alcun e-libros in le bibliotheca es supplementate per audio, assi que on pote audir le textos legite per voce.
The UMI is developping an electronic library in Interlingua with free e-books in Interlingua. They can be downloaded and read (or imprinted on paper) at the address Some books in the library are supplemented by audio, so that one can hear the texts read by voice.
Le litteratura in interlingua comprehende belletristica e litteratura professional, obras traducite e original. Le numero es si grande que le bibliothecas danese in 1998 introduceva duo nove gruppos in su systema comprehensive de catalogisation de libros, "Interlingua" e "Belletristica in interlingua".
Literature in Interlingua includes fiction and professional literature, translated and original works. The number is so large that the Danish libraries in 1998 introduced two new groups in its comprehensive book catalog system, "Interlingua" and "Fiction in Interlingua".


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