Dvorak simplified keyboard better for typing in Latin too

Sunday, November 02, 2008

This is no surprise at all considering that Latin is quite similar to English in its usage of vowels and consonants, except ones like q that are used much more in Latin and typed with the left hand on the bottom row on Dvorak, and thus it's a bit more awkward typing out words like quamquam, quae, and all the rest. Nevertheless, Latin is easier to type in Dvorak than Qwerty. Here are some numbers from the results (<--be careful of that link though; it always crashes Firefox for me) from the first fifteen chapters of Caesar's Commentarii de bello Gallico:

  • Distance: Qwerty 389.2 m, Dvorak 219.2 m
  • Same hand (lower is better here): Qwerty 39.40%, Dvorak 17.83%
  • Same finger: Qwerty 6.861%, Dvorak 2.558%
  • Home row (higher is better): Qwerty 24.10%, Dvorak 69.21%


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