Transfer of Lingua Franca Nova wiki to Wikia now complete

Friday, October 31, 2008

And there's an announcement here in both LFN and English:

Alo a tota! (An English translation follows below.)

Nos vici ave aora un casa nova:

Me ia copia tota pajes e imajes de la vici vea. La sola
esetas es la pajes de usor (User:) e la pajes de discute
(Talk:, User_talk:) - si vos desira conserva aceles, nesesa
ce vos mesma fa la conserva.

La vici vea ia conteni multe testos traduida: esta es bon,
ma la testos no es un parte de la ensiclopedia. Donce, en la
vici nova, los situa se en la "Area Comunial", su "Colie".
Serta, continua ajunta testos nova, ma sola a pajes con la
prefisa "Vici de LFN:", per favore, e no a la ensiclopedia

En loca de "Parolas mancada", nos ave aora un foro en la
vici: segue la lia a "Conversa comunial".

Copiante la pajes, me ia renoma algas a modo plu coerente.
Me ia atenta no rompe la lias entre la pajes, ma es posable
ce me ia fa poca eras.

Bonveni! Me espera ce vos gusta.

Hello everyone!

Our wiki now has a new home:

I've copied all the pages and images from the old wiki. The
only exceptions are the "User:" pages, the "Talk:" pages,
and the "User_talk:" pages - if you want to preserve these,
you'll need to preserve them yourself.

The old wiki contained many translated texts: that's good,
but the texts aren't part of the encyclopedia. So, in the
new wiki, they're in the Community Portal, under "Colie"
(Anthology). You can certainly keep adding new texts, but
only to pages with a "Vici de LFN:" prefix, please, and not
to the encyclopedia itself.

Instead of "Parolas mancada", we now have a forum in the
wiki: follow the link to "Conversa comunial".

While copying the pages, I renamed some of them to make
them more consistent. I tried not to break any links between
the pages, but it's possible that I missed a few.

Welcome! I hope you like it.

There's another thread here thanking Simon for his excellent work in transferring the contents of the wiki.


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