Small increases in Latin education in Wales (Fitzalan High School, Cardiff ) too

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Collocatio Cambriae in Regno Britanniarum.

This article just came out a few hours ago about Fitzalan High School in Cardiff, which has recently become one of the few state schools in Wales that offers Latin lessons.

Latin was at risk of disappearing from the curriculum a decade ago but it is now enjoying a revival.


Teacher Ed Johns, who is running the course, said: “Fitzalan is now one of the only state schools in Cardiff to offer Latin and one of only eight secondary schools across Wales to offer the subject.


“Latin is a very beautiful language, which is probably the main reason for wanting to give the pupils here an opportunity to enjoy it. It is also very useful for such professions as law, medicine, fictional or technical writing and even business.

“Latin provides around 60% of all English words and 90% of words over two syllables. It helps to develop and expand your vocabulary, and can help to improve confidence. Since Roman culture is the foundation of European civilisation it also helps in the understanding of, amongst others, French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian.”


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But the complicated case system is really a big challenge...

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