More BBC News in other languages on YouTube by the end of the year

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Great news, because it's never much fun to try to use a site's own video player when YouTube is always the easiest to use. Actually BBC radio in other languages is quite easy on the computer, but video's not quite as fun and will sometimes need to buffer or can tax system resources. Unfortunately it won't be in Turkish yet, but hopefully that'll happen soon too:

BBC Global News has extended its relationship with YouTube, the leading online video community, by signing an agreement to add six BBC video news channels in Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Persian and Urdu to its existing BBC World News channel.

In what is the first multi-language deal by a major international news broadcaster with YouTube, users will have access to high quality, independent and impartial news clips produced by the BBC World Service in six languages.

Video news stories will run each day across the different language Channels and each channel will be branded and tailored to its specific audience.

The videos will also be fully discoverable via Google Video search.
Here are all the other languages you can currently listen to BBC in.


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