Italian diplomat Sergio Romano has same opinion as mine on Georgia's situation being similar to that in Cyprus / Gürcistan ve Kıbrıs’ın benzerliği var

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Here's an article from today from an interview with Italian diplomat/writer/historian/journalist Sergio Romano that's somewhat long so I won't translate the whole thing, but this paragraph is especially interesting because it mirrors what I thought about the situation in Georgia last month:

Romano “Gürcistan'ın durumu bazı açılardan 1974'deki Kıbrıs krizini anımsatmaktadır. Türkiye, Atina albayları tarafından düzenlenen ve adanın Yunanistan'ın bünyesine alınmasına neden olacak darbeyi durdurmak üzere harekete geçmiştir.” “Bu, milli çıkarlardan kaynaklanan bir hareketti, ancak Batılılar Türkleri suçlamayı tercih ettiler ve Türkler de buna Kıbrıs'ın kuzeyinde bir küçük bağımsız Türk Cumhuriyeti yaratarak yanıt verdiler.”
Romano said that "Georgia's situation is reminiscent of the Cyprus crisis in 1974 from a number of points of view. Turkey took action to stop a coup d'etat that was prepared by the military in Athens and would have taken the island in as a part of Greece." "This was an action based on national self-interest, but the West chose to blame the Turks and the Turks responded by creating a small independent Turkish Republic in the north of Cyprus."

The interview was in the magazine Corriere della Sera.

I think the end result will be similar as well, since Russia has no real interest in going beyond Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and neither is the West interested in helping Georgia move in there at present. The two sides will probably just compete economically for the next number of years as they receive funding from their respective allies.


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