Homer Simpson tries to vote for Barack Obama, teaches some Italian at the same time / Homer Simpson cerca di votare Obama

Friday, October 03, 2008

This year's Simpsons Hallowe'en Special has a clip of Homer trying to vote for Barack Obama at an electronic voting machine, but...well, if you haven't seen the clip I won't spoil it. Dozens of people have already put the clip up on YouTube, and one of them has Italian subtitles too:

Homer (and others)
in English
Homer (and others)
in Italian
Abe Simpson: I still like Ike
Sto ancora con Eisenhower
Hello, I'd like to vote for president, governor, and anything that will take money away from our parks and libraries.
Salve, voglio votare per il presidente o governatore o chiunque tolga i fondi per biblioteche e parchi.
Old man: Eh, use machine number 3.
Si accomodi nella cabina numero 3.
I can't fit in the booth!
Non ci entro!
Old man: Use the double wide!
Usi la doppia!
Ooh, one of those electronic voting dealies.
Uhh la macchina per il voto elettronico.
Machine: One vote for McCain, thank you.
Un voto per McCain, grazie.
Heh heh heh. No, I want to vote for Obama.
eheh no voglio votare Obama
Machine: Two votes for McCain.
Due voti per Mccain.
Uh? Come on, it's time for a change!
É tempo di cambiare!
Machine: Three votes for McCain.
Tri voti per McCain.
No, no, no!

Machine: Six votes for President McCain.
Sei voti per il PRESIDENTE McCain.
Hey, I only meant one of those votes for McCain! This machine is rigged!
(translation's off here) Hey non ho votado per McCain, questa macchina deve essere truccata!
Devo dirlo al presidente McCain...
This doesn't happen in America! Maybe Ohio, but not in Ameria!
Questo non può succedere in America, forse nell'Ohio, ma non in America!


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thank's a lot. i didn't hear that. ^ ^

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