Georgian Kazbeguri dance on Korean Star King program (이른바 그루지아 무릎 팍 댄스)

Monday, October 20, 2008

I think this is the right region where the dance comes from. Wikipedia: "Stepantsminda (Georgian: სტეფანწმინდა; formerly Kazbegi, ყაზბეგი), is a small town in the Khevi region of northern Georgia."

This just came on tv now and we just missed it, but surprisingly enough somebody has already put it on YouTube. The show doesn't give the name of the dance but I think it's Kazbeguri, because this site gives the following:
A powerful dance from the mountain region of Kasbegi. Each dancer shows his best. Kazbeguri is a dance from the Northern Mountains of Georgia, which is marked with a diverse culture and traditions. The relatively cold and rough atmosphere of the mountains is shown through the vigor and the strictness of the movements. This dance is performed by only men and portrays the toughness and endurance of the mountain people.

The name of the show is Star King which is a show that always showcases talents from all ages and countries. Some other examples have been a blind 5-year-old pianist, a girl from the Philippines with a super powerful voice, a guy that draws paintings with sand, etc. Today they had these dancers from Georgia:


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