Which browser do Norwegians prefer? / Hvilken nettleser er best?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Plaque commemorating the creation of Mosaic web browser by Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen, new NCSA building, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (Mosaic was the first browser I ever used as well)

This page doesn't have information on the country as a whole, but it does show which browser people prefer on digi.no:

  • Firefox 3.x - 32%
  • Internet Explorer 7.x - 30%
  • Opera 9.x - 13%
  • Internet Explorer 6.x - 9%
  • Chrome 0.x - 5%
  • Safari 3.x - 5%
  • Firefox 2.x - 3%
  • Other - 3%
Just in case you don't know: Opera is created by a Norwegian company. You'll see Opera mentioned quite a bit more in Norwegian articles (which is a good thing as it's a good browser and should be paid more attention), like in this one on Firefox's 3.1 Alpha version:

Firefox 3.1 får <>
Firefox 3.1 gets "Opera function"
En av funksjonene som ble lagt merke til i den første utgaven av Googles nettleser, Chrome, er muligheten for å dra faner mellom to nettleservinduer. Google oppgav at dette var en av fordelene med at hver fane har sin egen prosess. Men Opera har allerede støtte for dette.
One of the functions that were noticed in the first release of Google's browser, Chrome, is the ability to drag tabs between two browser windows. Google indicated that this was one of the benefits where each tab has its own process. But Opera already has support for this.

I myself spent a few days with Chrome and am now back to using Firefox most of the time, because of:
  • Add-ons. Firefox is great for typing Turkish while using Dvorak.
  • Chrome kept on logging me out of sites I use all the time every 24 hours, and I didn't enjoy logging in again every single day.
  • Other beta-ish things like text disappearing, and also the tabs were not really as independent as claimed: when one tab locked up I was unable to click on the others until the first one had straightened itself out.
Given that it's a beta though it'll certainly be improved over the coming while and I'll probably use it here and there. I use it for Korean pages quite a bit which are very script-heavy, as Chrome has no problems with these.


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