Rosetta flyby of 2867 Steins confirmed

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Animation der Raumsonde Rosetta - from the German Wikipedia.

On the team's blog you can see now that they've confirmed aquisition of signal from Rosetta after the flyby, and that they'll be showing us the data very soon:
The Rosetta team are expecting the next data download opportunity via NASA Goldstone starting at about 01:00 CEST, 6 Sep. Image and science data will start arriving about 02:00, and the science teams will work through to process the results. We'll log off now and plan to be back on for blog & web coverage starting at about 08:00 CEST, 6 September.
That means:
  • Next data download opportunity was two hours ago;
  • Image and science data started arriving one hour ago;
  • They'll by back on for blog & web coverage starting in five hourse.


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