News from early September in Occidental: Comet Ory, Hungary and Slovakia, Hockey, shrinking Serbian demographics, Czech sugar cubes

Monday, September 08, 2008

Every week or so a user of Occidental posts some news for the week in Occidental on their group here, and I like to translate it every once in a while to give the language some more exposure. Since the news is generally from Slavic languages (I think), quite a bit of it is unfamiliar to most that subsist on CNN and whatnot and so it's often completely new. I have no idea why so many articles claim that comet to be 20,000 km though. A comet bigger than Earth, I don't think so.

He's also been writing a ton of content on the Occidental Wikipedia, especially this page on the Czech Republic.

Any words I'm not sure about I've put a (?) next to.

The 31st of August 2008, Sunday
- Michel Ory, un francesi-sviss astronomo-amatoro, ha decovrit un nov comete. Li comete, quel have un diametre circum duant mill kilometres, va esser nominat Comete de Ory secun li decovritoro. Li Comete de Ory órbita circum li Sole unvez durant ducent annus e it va esser maxim bonmen visíbil in octobre e novembre.
- Michel Ory, a French-Swiss amateur astronomer, has descovered a new comet. The comet, which has a diameter around 2,000 km (note: there's no way this number is right. I checked some other articles and they were claiming 20,000 km which is even more ridiculous. It must be metres), will be named Ory's Comet for the discoverer. Comet Ory orbits around the Sun every two hundred years and it will be most visible in October and November.
The 1st of September 2008, Monday
- Li prim ministros slovak e hungarian, Robert Fico e Gyurcsány Ferenc, ha incontrat in Bruxelles. Gyurcsány ha críticat li assertiones anti-hungarian numerari del Partise National Slovak. "Si li hungarianes es videt quam ínamícos del slovakes, noi have un problema," il ha dit. Ma secun le it es clar, que li actual slovak política ne reflexe ti ci assertiones. Fico ha dit, que li slovak guvernament es anc affollat del alcunc activitás in Hungaria. Fico ha críticat "un organisation semi-fascistic marchant in Hungaria". "Ma it ne vell pleser me, si noi vell desmeliorar nor relationes solmen pro ti ci negativ assertiones o li activitás de alcunc homes íncapábil in Hungaria," Fico ha dit.
- The Slovak and Hungarian prime ministers, Robert Fico and Gyurcsány Ferenc, have met in Brussels. Gyurcsány has criticized the assertions of the anti-Hungarian numerary of the Slovak National Party. "If the Hungarians are seen as enemies of the Slovaks, we have a problem," he said. But according to him it is clear that current politics in Slovakia do not reflect these assertions. Fico has said that the Slovak government is also made mad (?) by some activities in Hungary. Fico has criticized "a semi-fascistic organization marching in Hungary." "But it wouldn't please me if we were to worsen our relations solely due to these negative assertions and the activities of some talentless(?) people in Hungaria," said Fico.
The 2nd of September 2008, Tuesday
- Russia unifica Europa ... per hockey sur glacie. Li Liga Continental de Hockey hodie commensant, quel ha remplazzat li ancian Championatu de Russia de Hockey sur Glacie, contene ne solmen 21 russ clubes, ma anc un bieloruss, un kazakh e un latvian. In li seson sequent, it vell posser expander su a Svedia, Ukraina, Finland, Tchechia e Germania.
- Russia unifies Europe ... through ice hockey. The Continental Hockey League began today, which has replaced the previous Russian Championship of Ice Hockey, and contains not just 21 Russian clubs, but also a Belorussian, a Kazakh and a Latvian. In the following season it could expand to Sweden, Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic and Germany.
The 4th of September 2008, Thursday

- Zeljko Vasiljević, un vice-secretario del ministerie de labor e social política de Serbia, ha proposit, que li land "importa" féminas asian e bulgaric por cessar li demographic ínstabilitá. Il
ha proposit importar féminas de Vietnam, Cambodgia, Laos, Birmania, Bulgaria, Rumania e Moldavia, por que ellas marita li mult mannes celibi, númere di quel es multmen plu grand quam li númere de féminas celibi. Si ti ci situation va maner ínchangeat durant li du annus sequent, 120 regiones pópulat in Serbia va cessar esser habitat, Vasiljević allega.
- Zeljko Vasiljević, a vice-secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Politics in Serbia, has proposed that the land "import" Asian and Bulgarian women to stop demographic instability. He has proposed importing women from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova, so that they will marry the many unmarried men, the number of which is much greater than the number of unmarried women. If the situation were to remain unchanged in the next two years, 120 populated regions in Serbia will cease to be inhabited, alleges Vasiljević.

The 5th of September, Wednesday
- Li tchech guvernament ha desvelat un nov campanie por far reclame por li futuri presidentie del land in li Union Europan. Li chef motto del campanie es un cub de sucre, quel ha esset inventet in Tchechia, e it include un slogan, quel es un lude ironic de paroles. Li slogan es traductet literralmen quam "noi va far afferes plu dulci por Europa", ma anc "noi va far problemas por Europa" secun un tchech idioma. Civic Democrates, un dextri partise del prim ministro, es un bastion de euroscepticisme. Li tchech presidento Václav Klaus ha dit ante li intrada de Tchechia al Union Europan, que li tchech soveranitá va esser dissoluet in li Union Europan quam un cub de sucre in un tasse de café.
- The Czech government has unveiled a new campaign to promote the future presidency of the country in the European Union. The main motto of the campaign is a sugar cube, which was invented in the Czech Republic, and it includes a slogan which is an ironic pun. The slogan is literally translated as "we will make things sweeter for Europe", but also "we will make problems for Europe" according to a Czech idiom. The Civic Democrats, a right-wing party of the prime minister, is a bastion of Euroskepticism. The Czech president Václav Klaus has said before the entry of the Czech Republic (note to John McCain if you're reading this: The Czech Republicwas one of the nations formed in 1993 after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.) to the European Union, that Czech sovereignty would be dissolved in the European Union like a sugar cube in a cup of coffee.


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