LPGA gives up on silly learn-English-now-or-you're-out rule

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This is actually from September 5th but I neglected to write about it for a while. I wrote about their new rule when it first came out which was a silly idea because it raised a huge amount of bad press for a rule that probably would have done little to solve the problem of golfers not being able to give interviews in good English. The interesting thing to note is that when a Korean golfer isn't good at English it's almost always because English is just that much harder for a Korean to learn, and pretty much never due to not wanting to learn the language. Pretty much everybody here is impressed by a good English ability and being a golfer in the LPGA that also speaks fluent English looks really, really impressive here in tv interviews and appearances on variety shows.

The solution to the problem is a simple one: create an English textbook focused on the areas that a golfer needs to know well: how to use certain terms in golf, how to answer interviews, samples of other golfers giving interviews, etc. A simple textbook with a huge number of examples on what to say in what situation would be invaluable to golfers, Korean golfers in particular. Add mp3s to the textbook and give extended amounts of tutoring, explain to the golfers that the better their English is the more famous they'll be in the US and the better time they'll have with advertisers, and you'll see their English ability improve a huge amount in a much shorter time. And without any bad press, either.


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