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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Koningin Emmabrug - Willemstad

Keep an eye on this wiki. It was created just a few days ago by Franz Sledge on Auxlang and he's been putting up quite a bit of information on it, so in a short time it could become one of the best resources online to learn the language.

You can edit it by sending an email to him and asking to be added to the list of editors, or if you want to add something but don't feel like going through that, just leave a message below this post and I'll add it for you.

Also, here's another good newspaper in Papiamentu.

An example from the wiki on verb conjugation:

mi ta kanta

I sing

I am singing

nos ta kanta

we sing

we are singing

bo ta kanta

you sing

you are singing

boso ta kanta

you (plural) sing

you all are singing

e ta kanta

he/she sings

he/she is singing

nan ta kanta

they sing

they are singing

mi a kanta I sang
nos a kanta we sang
bo a kanta you sang
boso a kanta you (plural) sang
el a kanta he/she sang
nan a kanta they sang

lo mi kanta or

mi lo kanta

I will sing

lo nos kanta or

nos lo kanta

we will sing

lo bo kanta or

bo lo kanta

you will sing

lo boso kanta or

boso lo kanta

you (plural) will sing

lo e kanta or

e lo kanta

he/she will sing

lo nan kanta or

nan lo kanta

they will sing


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